“The Life! program has helped me to achieve realistic and sustainable, long-term change. The information that I gained from the program will enable me to live a far healthier life.” 

RhondaA sedentary job and a series of operations that compromised her mobility had combined to bring Rhonda to the point where she was looking to take action to safeguard her health. “I was an office worker who spent most of the day sitting down, and over the years I’d put on a fair bit of weight. Added to that, I had three knee operations that meant that for long periods I couldn’t do very much physical activity at all.

“I’d had gestational diabetes when I was pregnant with one of my children, and when I found out that that could increase my chances of developing type 2 diabetes, I was seriously concerned. Luckily, somebody told me about the Life! program.”

Rhonda wasn’t looking for unrealistic quick fixes.

“What I wanted was information. I wanted to learn things that I could apply to my own life and also to that of my husband, who I wanted to help get healthier too. Fortunately, the program was full of information – information that reminded me of things that I sort of knew but had effectively forgotten and lots of new information, too. It really opened my eyes, and that’s exactly what I wanted. I gained a lot from every single session, but I must say the shopping session, where we learnt about how to go about making healthy food choices, was sensational.”

Rhonda found that group sessions suited her. “I really enjoyed being part of the group. It was nice to realise that there are heaps of people who are just like me and have the same goals as me, and being in the group gave me a lot of motivation. We supported one another.”

Armed with the knowledge she gained on the program, Rhonda feels empowered and equipped to lead the healthier life that she sought for herself.

“It’s changed the way I think. For example, I now see my food consumption as a sort of energy in/energy out equation. So if, say, I go out for lunch with one of my girlfriends, I’ll enjoy myself. Then I’ll make up for any indulgences by doing some vacuuming in the afternoon. I don’t feel any sense of deprivation – I still enjoy good food in sensible portions that now seem completely normal to me.”

Rhonda’s verdict on the Life! program?

“It’s excellent. It’s absolutely worth doing. If you choose to put the information and advice that you get on the program into practice, you can’t fail.

“I got the results I wanted – and I’m still getting them.”