Sanjay is a married father of two who works in the electricity sector. Over the years, he found that his sedentary lifestyle – computer-based work, long meetings and a busy family life – was affecting his health and he was struggling with his weight and energy levels.

“For the last eight-to-nine years my life was centered around work and family commitments with little focus on my health. I tried to set some goals around diet and exercise but I kept failing for different reasons.”

In June 2018 Sanjay decided to get healthy. Though this time was different.

“I decided to join the Life! program to get a better understanding of where I was healthwise, what I needed to do to improve my health and how I could achieve this. My key health goals were to take control over my weight, be more active and feel light and happy.”

Sanjay found the group course and his facilitators, Purva, Brendan and the staff at AB Corporate Fitness, a great motivator.

“The information provided during the Life! group course sessions was an eye opener – it really helped me commit to a healthy lifestyle. For me, the key learnings from the Life! program were around motivation, eating healthily and keeping active. These messages were a game changer for me.”

Another big help was Sanjay’s family.

“They were my support network. My wife and eldest daughter supported my changed meal plans and my youngest daughter became my walking buddy.

Since started the program, he’s made plenty of healthy lifestyle changes.

I now eat a high-fibre breakfast, low fat/low carb and high protein lunch and make sure to eat dinner by 8.30pm. I have also introduced brown rice (instead of basmati rice) and drink up to 3 litres of water a day.

It was important for Sanjay to incorporate physical activity in a way that didn’t affect his work and family time.

I started walking/jogging in my morning and afternoon tea breaks. In my lunch breaks, I played ping pong with workmates and then went for a half hour walk. After dinner my walking buddy and I would go for a brisk 30-minute walk. I would also take my daughter to her sporting activities and while waiting, I’d use this time to get active and started jogging.

To help with his energy levels, Sanjay also prioritised going to bed early, getting 7.5-8 hours sleep every night.

Overall, Sanjay feels much more confident and energetic.

My proudest achievement was the morning of 25th of Sep 2018. This was the day I felt that I had achieved my goal and it was well before the target date I had set. My visceral fats were well within limits with no loss in muscle mass.

I feel proud to be part of this program and all I can say is It is a journey and not just about achieving a single goal. One must continue to strive for better health and living!’”

 Sanjay before                                 Sanjay after

Sanjay before Sanjay after