In January 2017 Andrew Morley reached a point where he was no longer happy with his weight or eating habits.

The 29-year-old major insurance company worker, who lives with his long term partner Dan and their cat Biscuit, was 136.8 kilograms.

“I was 136.8 kilograms which placed me in the obese weight category. I was also having back pain and shoulder pain and was not sleeping well due to my weight.”

Andrew’s GP recommended he join the Life! program to help him make changes to his lifestyle. And, having unsuccessfully tried several other diets before, Andrew was keen to give the program a go.

“My main motivation was to make a change in the way I ate and exercised with weight loss being the main goal.”B010EB4E-9652-4C7E-937D-CBA4D74AC32F

Andrew found his Life! facilitator, Kim Welch, a fantastic help and support.

“The most helpful part about the Life! program was our facilitator Kim Welch, whose honest and direct approach spoke to me and inspired me in several ways. In our first meeting, Kim pointed out the excuses and triggers I would use in order to convince myself that the food I was eating was appropriate. Kim also provided me with the wisdom that it’s okay to be hungry sometimes, and that I didn’t need to eat every time I believed I needed to.”

Andrew also began to make simple changes to his diet including choosing leaner meats such as turkey and kangaroo or substituting white bread for sourdough.

“This was helpful as I was still able to enjoy the food I eat without drastic changes.”

Learning how to read food packaging was particularly helpful for Andrew.

“It gave me a huge amount of insight into the fact that a lot of foods that sell themselves as healthy are not actually healthy or have ingredients that conflict with a healthy lifestyle.”

Since Andrew started the program he has lost an impressive 30.2 kilograms.  His partner Dan also attended the program as a support and lost 20 kilograms.

“As well as being a lot more active and exercising most days, the difference in my appearance and the reaction from others has given my confidence and self-esteem a much needed boost.”

Andrew has had great success with the Life! program and recommends it.

“If you really want to make a change, or just properly educate yourself about your heath, or the impact food and exercise has on your wellbeing, I would recommend the Life! program every day of the week.”


 Andrew’s top tips for a healthy life.

  1. Try to exercise or walk every day for a minimum of an hour. Walking in a quiet local park or around a lake with all my favourite music on a playlist would motivate me and also help me unwind from a long day or week.

  2. Prepare your own meals in case you come home late. This removes the temptation to eat unhealthy food or to get take away when it’s too late or you don’t have time to cook. Meal preparation has been an opportunity to cook and try new things, as well as spending more time with my partner

  3. Remove or limit the amount of tempting foods from your pantry or fridge. If they aren’t there, you won’t eat them. Once you have done this enough, it allows you to bring the food back in moderation and not overindulge

  4. Try and find someone, such as a friend or partner, to join you in making changes. Having someone to motivate you and exercise with makes the world of difference.