Kath Corkhill

Since developing gestational diabetes during her pregnancy, Kath Corkhill has always been concerned that she would develop type 2 diabetes later in life. Research indicates that one in two women diagnosed with gestational diabetes will go on to develop type 2 diabetes within five-ten years.

Sparked by her determination to beat the odds and not develop type 2 diabetes, Kath joined the Life! program in July 2015. She chose to complete the program via telephone health coaching, a flexible option that allows you to be coached by a health professional in the comfort of your own home and at a time that suits you.

By adopting new healthier habits, including regular walking and maintaining a healthy diet, Kath has managed to not only lose 36kgs, but has kept it off. Kath has also dramatically reduced her risk of developing type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease and she is thrilled, “I have so much more energy. I feel happy and healthy.”

Before embarking on the Life! program Kath felt unhealthy, sluggish and tired. She says her “spunky husband and son” inspired her to regain control of her health and to become a “happy and healthy wife and mum again.” At the time, she said to herself, “It’s a case of now or never, let’s do this!”

“I had a telephone health coach called Sylvia, who was a great support to me throughout the program. I spoke to Sylvia on a monthly basis. Her constant support was great for my motivation and kept me going.”

Kath particularly enjoyed the flexibility that the program offered her. She would usually schedule her phone calls for the morning, which was when she was feeling fresh and inspired. The workbook was also really helpful and provided a lot of helpful nutrition tips she recalls, “I learnt a lot from the workbook.”

During her monthly calls with her health coach they discussed making small changes to Kath’s lifestyle, such as reducing portion sizes and increasing exercise. They also spent time reflecting on her overall wellbeing and tracking her progress. Kath believes, “It’s the small changes over time that have made the biggest difference.”

Kath now reads the nutrition panel when purchasing packaged food at the supermarket and tries to always fill her shopping trolley with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, lean meats, reduced fat dairy, wholegrain bread and cereals. She’s also increased her water intake, always has healthy snacks on hand, like fruit, and has reduced her sugar consumption - she no longer has two sugars in her coffee. The biggest change for Kath has been in the kitchen. Her portion sizes have dramatically reduced. “My portion sizes prior to being on the program were quite large and left me feeling bloated. Now I find I’m full having smaller serves. It’s been a great lesson.”

During the program, Kath increased her physical activity and begun walking. These days she still tries to walk every day for 20-30 minutes, if not, every second day. “I love it, it clears my head. I always come home feeling alive and ready to go,” says Kath.

Kath found that the Life! program provided her with small, achievable steps to live a healthier life and reflects that, “The changes were quite easy, once I got myself into a routine.”

Fifteen months since completing the program, she’s determined to keep up the exercise routine and healthy eating. She says her mindset is now focused on, “healthy, healthy, healthy.”

Of course her husband and son are very proud of her success and have supported her by going on family walks together. Friends have also noticed, “My friends say ‘I can’t believe how good you look, how much younger you look’.”

When asked if she would recommend the program to others, Kath said, “It was the best decision I’ve ever made. I’ve never looked back and I highly recommend it to everyone.” If you are contemplating doing the program and are a bit hesitant, Kath’s advice to you is, “Just give it a go!”

Kath is clearly a huge fan of the Life! program and tells all her friends and family to call up and see if they are eligible, “I can highly recommend the Life! program, it has changed my life forever! Before I was sluggish and really tired, now I just go, go, go! I feel so much younger, fitter and healthier. I feel the best I’ve ever felt.”

The best thing about the program? “Since being on the program my confidence has just soared, I’m full of life and so happy.”