CherylWhen a routine health check produced some results that concerned her doctor, Cheryl was in two minds whether she should follow her recommendation and sign up for the Life! program.

“I’m a highly motivated person and I pay a lot of attention to my health, especially when it comes to making sure I get enough exercise, so I wondered if I really needed the program”, she explains. “What had happened was that I had had a few health problems that were preventing me from doing enough exercise, so what I needed help with was finding ways to compensate for my temporary inability to exercise.”

Cheryl decided to give the Life! program a go, and chose the Telephone Health Coaching option. She was immediately impressed by her Coach. “She was awesome - a lovely person: really terrific, extremely knowledgeable, and her calls were great. I really enjoyed talking to her. As I said, I’m a very motivated person so I didn’t need any help in that regard, but a Coach like Helen would be absolutely fantastic for anybody who lacked motivation, willpower or belief in themselves. She’d be ideal for anyone who didn’t think they could make the changes necessary for a healthier life. Getting that regular phone call from someone who is on your side, who will ask you about your progress and who has the knowledge to help you move forward is amazing. Where else would you get that, and for free?”

Was her Life! Coach able to help Cheryl find ways of making up for the fact that she couldn’t exercise? “She was. The information she gave me around nutrition was excellent. What I found especially useful was her advice about shopping choices, especially around making healthier choices and finding alternatives to processed food. There are a lot of things in processed food that are bad for you, and Helen gave me a lot of good advice about how to spot – and avoid – them.”

So, after her initial misgivings about whether the Life! program was right for her, did it in fact work for Cheryl?

“Absolutely. I got the results I was looking for. I set myself a goal, I went for it and I achieved it. My participation in the program – and particularly my coach’s input – was definitely instrumental in my success.”