“I feel so much healthier, stronger and happier as a result of doing the Life! program.”

ElizabethElizabeth discovered that she was at high risk of developing type 2 diabetes when she completed the risk assessment on a Life! program brochure.

“What had happened”, she explains, “was that I’d suffered a neck injury that debilitated me for a couple of years. I wasn’t able to work or even move properly, and so my weight increased and I ended up being treated for high blood pressure.”

The high-risk result convinced Elizabeth that she should give the Life! program a try. Opting for the Group Course proved beneficial. “The Group Facilitator was brilliant: he spent time with everybody, engaged everybody and made everything light and simple. His approach made us relax and we formed a very pleasant group. We all encouraged each other.”

Elizabeth showed a high level of commitment to improving her health on the Life! program. “I prioritised participating in it, concentrating on it and giving it my best go. I hung on every word, and I even did things that I didn’t really think I needed to do, like creating a food and exercise diary. I thought I didn’t need to do that, but I did it anyway and it really worked for me.”

She appreciated the clarity with which information was conveyed on the program. “Take food intake: I’d known about energy in/energy out for decades, but the way it was explained by the Facilitator seemed to make it stick in my mind. It was the same for portion control – it was made so clear and simple.

“The Facilitator also explained exercise in a way that was inspiring. He explained the more you do, the more benefits you get, which creates a spiralling upwards effect. That sort of thing is so encouraging.”

Equally encouraging was the realisation that she didn’t have to make a monumental effort to get great results. “The Facilitator encouraged us to set our own goals so that we’d be in control, and I found that setting only one or two small, achievable goals meant that there was no pressure. My initial approach was to change just a few things in a small way. Ultimately, I changed a lot of things.”

Did that approach work? “It certainly did! I couldn’t have been happier with my progress – I was on such a high! By the end of the course, I’d lost 10kg and now I fit into clothes that I bought when I was in my early 20s. My cholesterol had been high before I went on the Life! program, but when I finished the program, I had a blood test and it had gone way down. My GP is very happy because I managed to lower my blood pressure to the point where I no longer need medication.”

Elizabeth’s positive engagement with the Life! program has resulted in her recommending it to friends and family. “The effects of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and stroke are devastating. I want my loved ones to avoid these terrible diseases and have happy and healthy lives. The Life! program really helps people to do that.”