Hear from our participants and facilitators

“I feel more confident cooking healthy meals and feel so much better eating lighter meals. When I get the chance to exercise, I sleep better at night and overall I have more energy.”

“The Life! program taught me how to take care of ME! I have dropped 4 dress sizes. My skin is great and I feel amazing with lots of energy! I can now walk, run, jump, skip and lift heavy weights.”

“The Life! program showed me how to develop and maintain healthy eating habits, how to fit exercise into a busy lifestyle and find ways to stay motivated.”

“I have learned how to cook my favourite meals but in a healthier way. I also changed the way I exercise. I now spend more time running and make sure I strike a balance between light, moderate and stronger exercise.”

“The Life! program has completely changed what is in my shopping basket.”

“A particularly memorable moment in the Life! program was the first group I ever ran. They were very supportive of one another and really had each other’s back. All these participants completed the program and finished it with some form of success.”