The Life! FitBit competition - winners!

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We loved your entries to the FitBit competition and thank you for all the excellent healthy living tips we received.  Congratulations to our winner Becca! We loved that for Becca, healtLife! program FitBit competitionhy living is a family affair. We all know that exercising with a buddy (fur buddies included!) or in a group helps to keep up the motivation.

"My best healthy living tip - don’t do it alone, involve the whole family! My husband, daughter and I cook together, shop at farmers market for healthy food and exercise together on walks with our pooch. By making healthy living a family affair our goal is much easier to achieve." Becca

Our runner up winner to the Fitbit competition was Melita. We think her tip is a good reminder of how to achieve your goals. Breaking down a larger goal down into smaller, achievable steps means you'll have a better chance of long term success.

"Set a goal and don’t lose sight of it. Slowly commit to it, whether it be physical or about food. Make a plan on how to achieve your goal and break it down to achievable steps and to be kind to yourself." Melita

Some other fantastic entries included:

  • Three words: Veggies for lunch. We usually think of veggies as a dinner food and so making that simple change can really change where you eat, what you choose and whether you spend a little bit more time to make a salad for work rather than rely on local takeaway. - Simon  

  • By cooking delicious and healthy meals with plenty of fruits and vegetables, invite my good friends over and have a wonderful time together. It's about the mind, body and spirit! - Meilisa  

  • The best way I know how to keep fit is looking after an active dog. Mine is always up for a walk, even when it's raining. - Caroline  

  • Eat well, exercise enjoy life's pleasures too. And smile! - Sharon


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