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Glenn Johnson has been a Life! facilitator at Let’s Talk Life in Abbotsford for over two years. Glenn is a qualified nurse and enjoys painting, gardening, reading and writing in addition to running the Life! course.

What do you enjoy most about being a Life! facilitator?
That look on a participant’s face when some idea or concept becomes really meaningful to them. You know, that light bulb moment when some unnoticed sliver of information passes from your mouth to the mind of another human being where it is grasped and motivates them to change some aspect of their life.

Could you share any success stories of participants who attended one of your Life! courses?
One of my participants had lost 10kg and reduced her waist measurement by 7cm. Needless to say she was very happy. As it happens she had recruited her husband, two friends, and her son to follow her on what she described as her journey. Her husband lost 8 kg and she described her son as now having a normal weight for his age and height. Both of her friends had enrolled to do courses which they have completed and claim to have had great success. As expected her blood pressure had reduced...and she felt damn great about herself. Give this idea a moment’s thought: in essence the Life! Program has provided another human being with the skills and knowledge required to live a longer, happier, healthier life. We can have a hand in helping to make that happen!

How do you make the Life! program successful?
Passion - it is almost trite to say that a bit of passion for the topic helps. I mean I know this is obvious but passion does translate into how sessions are run, regardless of style, and people can feel it. It motivates them, not only to return, but also to press on with whatever goals they have set. Kindness. This may seem a bit odd but we are in the business of helping people and people can be, well, they can be difficult at times, at least I know I can!  Still, as an act, kindness can produce odd and unpredictable outcomes. Outcomes that tend to be positive and long reaching. Fun - again, trite, but hey make it enjoyable. I do this in my own way and I am sure that other do it in theirs. I like a speaker who is captivated by the detail in her subject and is able to infect me with her captivation. Humour is captivating, as is brevity, but no matter your gig, you can always learn more by watching others do their thing. I love watching Shelly Kagan teach and of course Richard Feynman, all for free on the internet.




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