Zoë developed gestational diabetes when she was pregnant with her son. Over the next couple of years, her extremely busy lifestyle led her to feel unhealthy and stressed.

“I was studying for a PhD, working for myself and parenting – all of this meant I wasn’t looking after myself very well. I decided to do the Life! program because I didn’t want to get diabetes, and I wanted to stay well and be a healthy mum in the future.”

By chance, Zoë saw a poster advertising the Life! program during a visit to the GP. She decided to give the program a try, and chose Telephone Health Coaching as it slotted conveniently into her life.

“At the start, I didn’t feel that I would actually lose weight or achieve anything – but the support I received was fantastic. Jessica, my health coach, was understanding and helped me to work out what my goals were and how to plan to achieve them more methodically. Over time, the small changes really did add up. I have learnt so much.”

Through her own hard work, and with the help of her health coach, Zoë began to turn her health around. During her time on Life! program, she started to take charge of her health, going for regular bike rides and doing body balance classes. She also learnt more about eating healthy and nutritious foods.

“I feel much more informed about healthy eating, and I’ve set up much better eating habits. I eat more lentils, wholegrains and less unhealthy fat and sugar. I also try to go to bed a little bit earlier.”

Zoë is proud of the discipline she’s shown in following through on her goals, which she learnt how to do more effectively on the program. So far, she has lost 4 kilograms, 20 centimetres from her waist and has more energy, which is great as she still leads a hectic life. She’s also been able to enjoy shopping for new pants and doesn’t feel “mortified” when trying them on!

“The telephone coaching has helped me work out how to make all the changes I wanted to make while my busy life continues, rather than putting things off.”

The Life! program is amazing, and I would highly recommend doing it. It’s really helped me much more than I expected it to. Actually I’d like to stay on it permanently!”

walk to see lizard


Zoe keeping up with her regular walks while at a conference in Brisbane! (And a chance meeting with an amazing Water Dragon in the Roma Street Parklands).