Daniel, a father of two, had reached a low point with his health. He was suffering from migraines, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. He also felt lethargic, unmotivated and weighed his heaviest.

Daniel had been fit and active in the past but was finding it difficult to make the time with work and a young family.

“I wasn’t happy with the person I had become. I knew I was a role model to my young children, and I really wanted to set a positive example. My father suffered from numerous health issues and passed away at an early age before being able to meet his grandchildren. I didn’t want to put my children through this.”


Daniel’s goals were to exercise more, eat a balanced diet and “not be out of breath just kicking the football with my son.”


He joined AB Corporate Fitness, signed up to the Life! program and this was the beginning of his journey to good health.


“I met the guys at AB Corporate Fitness who encouraged me to join their gym. Knowing my competitive nature and health status, they encouraged me to do the Life! program. It was the challenge I needed to kick-start my new health journey and they gave me all the tools to reach my goals.”


With his new-found knowledge and motivation, Daniel started to make some healthy changes to his life.

“My eating habits have totally transformed including my portion sizes and the types of food I eat. I’ve also opened myself up to new foods too. In terms of exercise I have gone from doing basically nothing to about four sessions a week. Now when I come home from work, I have more energy to play with the kids and exercise.”

Daniel’s wife has also been integral to his success.


“My wife had already changed her lifestyle and she was a huge inspiration. She helped me choose the right food options and kept me on track.”


Daniel’s results reflect his determination.


“My blood pressure and cholesterol have decreased, my fitness levels have improved and I have lost close to 30kg (19kg during the Life! program). I now run around and kick the footy with my son and am being a strong role model for both my kids. I still have a long way to go, but I will achieve my goals.


Brendan Life Champion