Pili is a 42-year-old mother with two young children and a small business to run – busy is one way to describe her life! However, building a successful jewellery business and focussing on her children and family meant that Pili’s own health took second place.


“I had always enjoyed exercising and was fit, active and slim. But while pregnant with my second son, I had no energy to move and the weight piled on. When I saw a few photos of myself and how I had neglected my health I decided I really needed a change.”

Pili’s kids and husband were her main inspiration to get healthy. “I wanted to be able to go for bike rides and walks again without being the last one or always out of breath. I wanted them to see their mum eating healthy food and to inspire them to do so too.”

Pili saw a friend’s Facebook post about some fitness classes she was attending, and this lead her to Brendan and Aaron from AB Corporate Fitness. In addition to a training plan, AB Corporate Fitness suggested that Pili join the Life! program. Pili found the program provided the motivation and support she needed to get her life back on track.

“The Life! program was great! I already had some healthy eating knowledge, but I had forgotten or lost my way. This program reinforced everything, plus had the benefit of the physical activity component. It helped me find that balance I needed and, it improved my health.”

“Nowadays, I am more active and exercise every day. If I can’t go to the gym, I will go for a long walk, jog or do things around the house. I don’t sit for long periods of time.”

Pili was born in Spain and raised in Australia. “My upbringing was very Spanish. This meant lots of food! My mum was a great cook and while she did cook healthy food, the portions were always HUGE!! We had to eat everything on our plate. Her favourite word was EAT!!”

“I am now mindful of what I am feeding my body: I cook with less oil and salt, I don't have sugar and if I do, very little. I eat more vegetables, and as many different coloured vegetables as I can.”

Pili’s hard work has paid off and she has lost 15kg and inches from her waist. And with her new-found fitness, Pili was also able to do the challenging Oxfam 100km trail walk. She was able to push through the physical and mental exhaustion of this event when previously she not been able to walk up a steep hill.

Pili credits AB Corporate Fitness and the Life! program for all their support on her journey to good health. “The Life program taught me how to take care of ME! I have dropped 4 dress sizes. My skin is great and I feel amazing with lots of energy! I can now walk, run, jump, skip and lift heavy weights.”


Well done Pili.

Pili after 2