DebraWhen a friend recommended the Life! program to Debra, she was looking for some support in getting healthier. “I’m in the over-fifty age group and have a history of hypertension. Plus, my husband had recently been diagnosed with diabetes, so I was aware that it was time to make some changes.”

Choosing to participate in the Group Course proved to be a good decision. “I found the whole experience amazing, and it was so enjoyable being part of the group. Everybody was friendly, everybody was facing similar challenges and everybody had similar objectives. It was great to communicate with other people and to give and receive support.”

Debra has an eye-opening point to make on the subject of the aspect of the Group Course that resonated most with her. “I’m a visual learner; I need to see things. The thing that made the biggest impression on me was when the Group Facilitator showed us the difference between the size of portions in the 1970s and the size of portions now. Seeing that difference was amazing, surprising and a real incentive to cut down. From that moment, portion control became something that I took a lot more notice of.”

Debra was pleasantly surprised to discover that she didn’t have to make big changes in order to get good results. “When the Facilitator advised us to try to do 30 minutes of walking per day, I wondered what sort of benefit that could really bring. Well, I went from 92kg to 87kg in four months, and that was really just through walking and adjusting my portion sizes, so I have proof of what kind of benefit making little changes can bring.”

Now that those changes are integrated into her lifestyle, Debra is very positive about the future. “I’m certain that I’ll stay on the right track. Even if I stumble a little bit, thanks to what I learnt I’ll know exactly what I need to do to get back on course, and the really good thing is that I know it’s not hard.

“I found the whole experience of being on the program extremely beneficial. You have the wonderful support of the Facilitator and the other people in the Group. Then there’s all the information you’re given. I still have the workbook – it is so informative, and you can always refer back to it if you’re not sure about something, or if you need a reminder.

“I would definitely recommend the Life! program. In fact, I already have recommended it to quite a few individuals, including my GP.”