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Meet Tammie Choi – CALD Life! facilitator

Tammie Choi has delivered the Life! program in Chinese at Carrington Health since March 2015, having previously run the mainstream Life! program since 2009. Tammie is an Australian-trained dietitian who is fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese. She enjoys using her language skills and cultural awareness in clinical practice, and extending dietetic services to the Chinese community. Tammie is also doing her doctoral research on identifying appropriate and effective cultural-tailoring strategies in diabetes education for Chinese Australians.


What do you enjoy most about being a CALD Life! facilitator?

Delivering the Chinese Life! program has been very rewarding. Many Chinese Australians do not have access to Chinese-speaking health professionals and are often confused by the volume of health information available. The Chinese Life! program has created a platform for these people to openly discuss health information with professionals in their language, enabling them to be more informed in making health decisions. The participants have been very appreciative and active during the group courses and the fortnightly sessions have turned into an activity we all look forward to.

What activities, events or partnerships have you become involved with to promote the Chinese Life! program?

I delivered a nutrition lecture at a Chinese community expo. There was a strong demand for health information and many people left me their details and agreed to be contacted about the Life! program. I believe many Chinese Australians are health-conscious and hungry for health professional support. The concept of chronic disease prevention, which the Life! program focuses on, has met their needs very well. Since then, the promotion and recruitment to the Chinese Life! Program has relied on word-of-mouth by the participants.

What activities do you find help to increase retention rates at or between group sessions?

At the start of each session I like to review the information covered in the previous session. At the end of each session, I also provide an overview of what will be covered at the upcoming one. This helps participants to know what to expect. Participants have also provided positive feedback when healthy snacks are provided. Healthy snacks are a great taste-testing experience and also enable participants to learn more about the variety of healthier options available. I believe the key to drawing participants to all sessions is the depth and practicality of the discussed health information.

Could you share any success stories of participants who attended your Chinese Life! course? 

One of my female participants was a great example. She was very studious, taking notes during sessions, and often turned up early with numerous food packages seeking my professional opinion. She asked questions in class, mostly on the traditional medicinal effects of different foods. At the end of the program, she commented that the program had positively impacted her and she had made numerous healthy lifestyle changes. She also said she felt less stressed when making healthy choices.

Want to get involved?

If you would be interested to find out more about becoming a CALD Life! facilitator within your community, please contact Louise Green on Ph: 8648 1825 or


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