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Bev Friend, a successful management and business consultant and trainer, had always been very health conscious. A keen golfer and runner, Bev regular ran up to 40 km a week and trained for half marathons, even whilst working and raising 3 children.

In 2014, Bev unfortunately went through some emotionally difficult periods. These tough times sent her into a downward spiral and Bev started to drink more regularly to help relax and ease her stress.

“I was a moderate social drinker, but I started to drink two glasses a night seven days a week. And do you know what? I stacked on the weight and it had a ripple effect – I felt lethargic, I wasn’t sleeping well. I just didn’t feel good about myself all over.”

Bev’s blood sugar levels also increased and she and her GP were concerned that she was on the path to type 2 diabetes. “One of my closest friends has type 2 diabetes as well as my ex-husband. I’d seen the impact of it and I knew where I was heading. I would ask myself: what am I going to be like in ten years? If I keep going this way will I be able to play golf or work the hours I work?”

After a work function, Bev was driving home and heard a Life! program radio advertisement. She immediately pulled over, wrote the number down and called 13 RISK as soon as she got home.

Bev signed up for the Telephone Health Coaching service with health coach Jenny.

“It was just fantastic. Jenny knew the sort of person I was – I work in a similar field in coaching professionals – and she could really click into my head space. Jenny was just terrific and reminded me of all the simple things to do. I had lived a very disciplined lifestyle for years: I ate healthily and exercised through discipline. But discipline wasn’t going to get me through the rest of my life with my chronic arthritis and two hip replacements. Jenny made me think about health from a different angle; I didn’t need discipline, I needed the bigger picture and to focus on my health as a vision for the future. It was about looking at a healthy lifestyle that would last me through my days.”

Bev made some simple changes. Instead of going home to a couple of glasses of wine, cheese and biscuits every night, she switched to a low fat, low sugar hot chocolate for two nights a week.

“I did that for a month. The next month I didn’t have the hot chocolate and after three months I went off alcohol all together. My liver sent me love letters! Now I’m in a very healthy state. I only drink alcohol in moderation with friends and as soon as I get home I’ll go for a swim, sauna and a spa.”

Bev’s aim was to get back to a healthy weight range, a healthy BMI and lose 10cm from her waist. She achieved that and more losing 11 kilograms and 13cm from her waist.

Today Bev is feeling fabulous. “I feel my whole way of life has improved – I’m back on track.”




  • Mike Burge 29.08.2020

    Congratulations, Bev. You are and always were a star. Wishing you nothing but happiness and fulfilment, you x

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