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We all know that sitting for long periods is detrimental to our health. Our bodies were made to move (whether chasing woolly mammoths or reaching for bananas!) but unfortunately modern technology and the office lifestyle makes moving challenging. We’re all guilty of emailing a colleague who is 30 centimetres away instead of getting up to talk to them or taking the lift when we could use the stairs!

At the Life! office we take our daily movement seriously. Here are some of the things we do to incorporate more movement into our work days. See if you can use some of these ideas in your workplace.

  1. We have a standing staff meeting on Monday mornings
  2. Some people schedule walk and talk meetings where appropriate
  3. The printers and recycle bins are further away from our desks so we have to get up
  4. We stand to read documents, propping them up on filing cabinets to read
  5. We have fun and friendly workplace competitions involving exercise: fancy a plank off or a lunging competition?
  6. We’ve started a regular 3pm exercise slot. Just 4 minutes of marching or squats gets the blood flowing and increases productivity
  7. We try to drink more water – more steps walking to the water cooler and then to the loo!
  8. We partake in and encourage ‘Walk to Work’ days and fun runs
  9. There are weekly staff pilates classes






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