Healthy eating during the coronavirus pandemic

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Healthy eating during the coronavirus pandemic

Now that we have all been asked to practise social distancing, it is best to minimise trips to the supermarket. This may be a challenge for many of us as we are so used to popping in to buy fresh fruit and veggies whenever we need them.  

However, if we plan ahead, we can do a big shop and still eat healthy and delicious meals for a fraction of the cost. We may also have more time to try out new recipes.  

So, what are some good items to have in your pantry during this time? We asked the dietitians in the Life! team, Mady and Elleni, for some tips.  

Elleni: “The key pantry staples I would recommend are beans and legumes.” 

  • You can purchase them canned, dried or precooked  
  • They are an excellent source of protein, fibre and minerals, and so versatile  
  • Beans and legumes contain B vitamins, folate, zinc and magnesium which can also assist with boosting your mood  
  • They make you feel full relatively quickly which will help manage your weight. This is particularly relevant now that we are self-isolating and can’t get as much movement into our days. 

Mady: “I would recommend having a mix of whole grains such as brown ricequinoaoats and barley.”  

  • You can purchase them in large quantities and they last a long time in the pantry 
  • They are a great source of fibre, have many vitamins and minerals that support energy production, help lower cholesterol and, because they are broken down fairly slowly, they help maintain a slow and steady release of energy. 

As for the fridge, we also recommend long lasting vegetables or frozen vegetables that can get you by until you go back to the shops. 

Here are also some recipes our Life! dietitians recommend:  

Better Health Channel also has some great tips to help you make healthy food choices while shopping.  

Free webinar

Do you need more tips on how to cook healthy meals during this time? The  Life!  program will be running a free 45-minute webinar on  Friday, 3rd April at 1.00pm. Please register your attendance by following this link 

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