Telephone Health Coaching

The Life! Telephone Health Coaching (THC) service comprises seven phone calls with your personal health coach over 12 months. THC is flexible and allows you to participate in the program at a time and location that suits you.

The introduction call (45 minutes) gives you the opportunity to ask your health coach questions and to learn more about the program before the initial call (45 minutes). The next 5 calls (20-45 minutes each) occur monthly and the final call is scheduled 12 months after starting the program.

Your personal health coach will talk to you about your lifestyle, assess your situation and concerns, and work with you to develop specific health goals. Each plan is tailored to your ideas and lifestyle to help keep you motivated and on track for success. You will receive a comprehensive participant workbook full of practical information and between calls you will receive motivational emails to help you create healthy routines and habits.



Illustrated diagram for telephone health coaching steps. The steps are: Introductory call, initial call, follow up call 1, follow up call 2, follow up call 3, follow up call 4, 12-month call.