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"I'm glad I didn’t wait to start the course because that would have been more of my life wasted."

Kerrie Beitzel

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Here's what our participants have to say about the Life! course:


"When you’re younger it’s all about appearance, appearance, appearance. But it’s gone beyond what I look like now – it’s the way I feel."

Kerrie Beitzel

"I’ve got a daughter, I want to see her go down the aisle. I want to nurse my grandkids."

Tania Robinson

"It’s easier to be a martyr and look after everyone around you: the people at work, family, friends, than to take the time that you need to look after yourself."

Colleen Price

"One thing I really liked about the course was the lack of emphasis on weighing in. So I could learn some lessons without being worried about whether I’d lost weight that week."

Colleen Hartland

"I was really looking for something that was a lifestyle, something that wasn’t a seesaw, up-and-down thing – something that I could do for the rest of my life."

Gwen Arcaro

"The trap is, in our younger days we do anything we like to our body and we get away with it."

Bob Evans

"I’ve found the main benefit, apart from the weight loss, is that I feel a lot more alert and able to concentrate more, more interested in things, so that my work productivity has doubled since I’ve been doing it. (That could be an exaggeration), and there’s been a big improvement in the way I feel."

Tom Munro