Reducing your risk

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Research shows that diabetes can be prevented in 58% of cases

You cannot change risk factors like your:

  • age - the older you are the more likely you are to get diabetes
  • family history - type 2 diabetes runs strongly in the family
  • history of gestational diabetes
  • history of cardiovascular disease

You can change your lifestyle risk factors by:

  • achieving and maintaining a healthy weight - especially around your waist
  • being physically active
  • following a healthy balanced eating plan - eat plenty of vegetables and high fibre cereal products and use a minimum amount of fat and oils.

Your lifestyle choices can help prevent of diabetes, heart disease and stroke. Changing your lifestyle is not easy to do on your own. Joining a group course or using the telephone health coaching service will give you a much greater chance of success.


A prevention program

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A prevention system has been built for Victoria

The numbers on the map represent facilitators in rural Victoria.

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375 health professionals have been trained in prevention of type 2 diabetes.


140 primary care based organisations have entered service agreements to provide diabetes prevention across Victoria


A strong feature of the Life! program is the use of performance data for continuous quality improvement


Partnerships crucial to the implementation of the Life! program in Victoria have been formed with WorkHealth, General Practice Victoria and Deakin and Melbourne Universities


As a result of the program’s social marketing strategies, there is now greater awareness of diabetes, heart disease and stroke prevention

Life! course sessions

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Life! Group sessions

  • life_course_sessions_banner1

    photoLife! course Introductory Session


    • Initial one-on-one session

    • Introduction to the Life! course and goals

    • Understanding your risk factors for type 2 diabetes, heart disease and stroke

    • Setting goals

  • life_course_sessions_banner2

    photo Life! group session 1


    • Getting to know each other

    • Diabetes, heart disease and stroke

    • Reducing your risk with lifestyle change

    • Energy balance and portion sizes

  • life_course_sessions_banner3

    photoLife! course session 2


    • Understanding your diet: fat, fibre, salt

    • Skills for healthy eating: food label reading, recipe modification

    • Setting achievable healthy eating goals

  • life_course_sessions_banne4

    photoLife! course session 3


    • Understanding the importance of physical activity

    • Recognising and overcoming barriers to physical activity

    • Setting achievable physical activity goals

  • life_course_sessions_banner5

    photoLife! course session 4


    • Overcoming stress and enjoying relaxation

    • Improving sleep

    • Importance of support networks

    • Goal planning and managing lapses

    • Social eating

  • life_course_sessions_banner6

    photoLife! course session 5


    • Review of your progress and goal attainment

    • Setting new and achievable goals for the long term

    • Your new path to a healthier life

Life! Telephone Health Coaching sessions

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Life! Telephone Health Coaching

  • life_telephone_healtha_banner1

    photoCall Session 1 - Duration of Call: approx 45 mins

    Discussion Topics:

    • Discuss health and medical issues and lifestyle risk factors

    • Assist to identify and prioritise general goals

    • Identify and address physical barriers

    • Implement action plan that is individually tailored and manageable

  • life_telephone_healtha_banner2

    photoCall Session 2 - Duration of Call: 15-20 mins

    Discussion Topics:

    • Review client progress

    • Discuss goal attainment

  • life_telephone_healtha_banner3

    photoCall Session 3 - Duration of Call: 15-20 mins

    Discussion Topic:

    • Consider relapse prevention

  • life_telephone_healtha_banner4

    photoCall Session 4 - Duration of Call: 15-20 mins

    Discussion Topic:

    • Discuss if additional assistance is required to achieve goals

  • life_telephone_healtha_banner5

    photoFinal Call Session - Duration of Call: 15-20 mins

    Discussion Topics:

    • Review and summarise on client achievement over the last five months

    • Identify the skills and learning acquired over the five months

    • Address relapse

    • Benefits associated with incorporation of diabetes prevention in lifestyle

Are you at risk of type 2 diabetes? Taking the test is the first step.



"I'm glad I didn’t wait to start the course because that would have been more of my life wasted."

Kerrie Beitzel

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